News Releases

News Releases

• Ricky Boyd Named Waxahachie Fire Chief(Click here)

• Ortiz Named Director of Waxahachie Civic Center (Click here)

• Mid-way Regional Airport Interim Manger Named (Click here)

• Temporary Change of Drinking Water Disinfectant (Click here)

• Waxahachie 101 Program Offers Citizens Education On City Operations (Click here)

• Downtown Businesses Receive Statewide Awards; Waxahachie Receives National Main Street Recognition (Clickhere)

• Mosley Named Director of Convention and Visitors Bureau (Click here)

• City Announces Partnership with Texzon Utilities (Click here)

• Crews Appling Foam to Extinguish Fire Pockets at Magnablend Site(Click here)

• EPA Air Monitoring Ongoing Following Magnablend Fire(Clickhere)

• City Encourages Water Conservation (Click here)

• City of Waxahachie Paves Way for Infill Development (Clickhere)

• Annual Spring Sparkle Event May 3-7, 2011 (Click here)

• City's Tree Planting Program Now Underway (Click here)

• MKT Depot Open House Scheduled (Click here)

• Positive Sales Tax February 2011 (Click here)

• Temporary Change Of Drinking Water Disinfectant (Clickhere)

• Hawkins Street Rail Closure (Click here)

• Sales Tax Revenues Showing Positive Growth (Click here)

• Utility Line Protection Program Now Available to Residents (Click here)

• Waxahachie Introduces New Notification System (Click here)

• Improvements Scheduled on Waxahachie Streets and Alleys (Click here)

• Positive Economic Growth (Click here)

• Spring Sparkle Event May 4-8, 2010 (Click here)

• City's Tree Planting Program Extended (Click here)

• MKT Depot Construction Now Underway (Click here)

• Patrick Street Rail Crossing Temporarily Closed For Repairs (Click here)

• Preservation Seminar Planned for Waxahachie (Click here)

• City Receives Oncor Incentive (Click here)

• Temporary Change In Drinking Water Disinfectant (Click here)

• City Receives Award From Historic Waxahachie Inc. (Clickhere)

• Rail Crossings Temporarily Closed (Click here)

• Joe Gallo Appointed New Municipal Court Judge (Click here)

• Parks School House Road Closings (Click here)



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