Heritage Preservation

Heritage Preservation

The Heritage Preservation Commission, formed in 2000, is a body that oversees the City’s Heritage Preservation Ordinance.  This ordinance describes a number of tax incentives that are available to owners of historic properties.   These incentives are available for both residential and non-residential properties. Proper investment in one’s historic structure of $1,250 or more can reduce City property taxes up to 50%.

• Downtown Incentive Programs (PDF)
• Frequently Asked Questions & Program Summary (PDF)
• Ordinance 2002 (PDF)
• Ordinance 2287 (PDF)
• Ordinance 2288 (PDF)
• Application for 25% Tax Incentive for Historic Properties (PDF)
• Application for 50% Tax Incentive for Restoration/Improvements to Historic Properties (PDF)
• Federal Restoration Tax Credit Information (LINK)
• Historic Preservation Certification Information (PDF)
• Historic Preservation Certification Application (PDF)
• Processing Fee Form (PDF)
• Low Interest Financing (PDF)

• Secretary’s Guide for New Additions (PDF)
• Historic Resource Survey 1985 – Full Report (PDF)
• Historic Resource Survey 2004 – Full Report (PDF)
• Downtown Waxahachie Guidelines (PDF)
• Historic Overlay District (PDF)



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