Heritage Preservation

The Heritage Preservation Commission, formed in 2000, is a body that oversees the City’s Heritage Preservation Ordinance.  This ordinance describes a number of tax incentives that are available to owners of historic properties.   These incentives are available for both residential and non-residential properties. Proper investment in one’s historic structure of $1,250 or more can reduce City property taxes up to 50%.

Downtown Incentive Programs
Frequently Asked Questions & Program Summary
Ordinance 2002
Ordinance 2287
Ordinance 2288
Application for 25% Tax Incentive for Historic Properties
Application for 50% Tax Incentive for Restoration/Improvements to Historic Properties
Federal Restoration Tax Credit Information
Historic Preservation Certification Information
Historic Preservation Certification Application
Processing Fee Form

Secretary’s Guide for New Additions
Historic Resource Survey 1985 – Full Report
Historic Resource Survey 2004 – Full Report
Downtown Waxahachie Guidelines
Historic Overlay District
Historic Overlay Sign Regulations
How to Clean Brick
How to Repoint Brick
Dangers of Abrasive Cleaning on Historic Buildings
How to Remove Graffiti

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