Capital Improvement Program

The Capital Improvement program is a five year projection of major new construction and repair and rehabilitation projects to be implemented. This includes corridor rehabilitation like previously completed projects like Harbin Avenue, West Marvin Avenue, Indian Hills Drive and North Hawkins Street to name just a few. Below is a list of the current Capital Improvement Program projects for 2019-2020 fiscal year:

 Cumberland Road

This corridor rehabilitation on Cumberland Road from Richmond Lane to the end of street has a start date of Monday June 1st.  There will be improvements to utilities, roadway and street lights with ADA compliant sidewalks. Click here for the construction start notice.  Click here for the current newsletter.

East University Avenue

This corridor rehabilitation project scope of work includes new water lines, new sanitary sewer lines and storm drain lines with new roads and street lights with ADA compliant sidewalks. The project starts at West Marvin Avenue and ends at Sycamore Street and also the side streets: Martha Street and Ross Street. The project began on December 2, 2019 and was awarded to McMahoin Contracting with a contract of 270 business days. This project is currently in construction phase and to read the current newsletter, click here.

PLEASE NOTE: Starting MONDAY JUNE 29th, McMahon Contractors will be excavating and setting forms to driveway approaches in preparation for concrete pour on the west side of E. University Ave from about the 200 block to Sycamore. Residents immediately affected are asked to park on the newly paved road in front of their house until further notice.    

Kaufman Street Phase 1

This corridor rehabilitation on Kaufman Street from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to about MCuen Street is set to begin the week of June 8th. The project includes utilities; water, sanitary sewer, and water line improvements with a new road, street lights and ADA compliant sidewalks. Click here for the construciton start notice.  

Please read our updated meetings procedures as a result of COVID-19, Click here.