The Criminal Investigations Division of the Waxahachie Police Department is staffed with experienced and dedicated professionals and our standards are some of the highest in the state. The Division also employs a full time Evidence Officer that serves within the Criminal Investigations Unit. Unsolved crimes are assigned to a Detective based on the Detective’s areas of expertise, primary case assignments and workload. Some crimes may be suspended if there are no witnesses or outstanding leads.

Lt. Marcus Brown (CID Supervisor)  469-309-4426

Property Crimes:
Sgt. Chris Dickinson 469-309-4428
Det. Barry Owens 469-309-4431 
Det. Richard Powell 469-309-4433   
Det. Meagan Gonzales 469-309-4400

Fraud Investigations:
Det. Derrick Young 469-309-4400

Crimes Against Persons:

Det. Albert Martinez 469-309-4437 
Det. Elizabeth Glidewell 469-309-4435   
Det. Jill Turner 469-309-4400

Property and Evidence:

Jerry McLemore 469-309-4422