DRC Meeting Request

DRC Meeting Request
DRC stands for Development Review Committee. The DRC's purpose is to assist citizens and developers with their development projects and advise them on City policies and regulations.. The DRC meets in 30 minute intervals between 9 a.m. until noon every Wednesday morning at the Charles Beatty Municipal Services Building. All DRCs are held in video conferences.

Meeting Details

Date of Meeting:

Preferred Time:

Requestor Name:

Requestor Phone Number:

Requestor E-mail:

Property Information

Address or Parcel ID#:

Is the property platted?         Yes            No          Located in floodplain?         Yes           No  

Water/Sewer available?        Yes           No          Industrial/Commercial?        Yes           No  

Use (per Zoning Ordinance Use Charts):

Current Zoning:          Does use match zoning:         Yes           No  

DRC Attendees:

Identify the following disciplines requested for your meeting:
    City Management
    Public Works (streets)
    Building Official (permits and inspections)
    Fire Marshal
    Economic Development
    Planning and Zoning
    Utilities (water and sewer)
    City Engineer
    Emergency Management
    Downtown Director

Please describe how you would like to use the property or what will be developed:

Please list any specific questions you would like City staff to answer:

Please upload any preliminary plans or drawings below. You may also email larger files to planning@waxahachie.com


Once submitted, staff will email you to confirm your meeting date and time. Thank you!

The comments provided by Staff at DRC meetings are informational only and DO NOT confer approval of any plan or project. Additional comments related to your project will be provided upon review of a formal development application. A meeting with the DRC is not intended as a substitute for reading and applying the appropriate City development codes and ordinances to your project.