Application for Fire Hydrant Meter

Application for Fire Hydrant Meter
The link below is this form in a printable version, if you would prefer to submit your application in person, email or fax.

Application for Fire Hydrant Meter


*Please read the following guidelines carefully. By submitting this application, you understand:

1. The Fire Hydrant Meter will be set at the location that is listed on the application and will be locked to the fire hydrant.

2. If the Fire Hydrant Meter needs to be moved from this location please call 469-309-4181 to make arrangements, additional fees may apply.

3. Do not use the test ports on the backflow for your water needs.

4. Customer will be responsible for the cost of any damages incurred while this Fire Hydrant Meter is in their possession. Per City Code of Ordinances Section 33-33.

5. A meter set fee of $40.00 will appear on your first bill. There will be a flat charge monthly + water consumption while meter is actively billing in your name. Be sure to fill out a Fire Hydrant Pick-Up Form and turn it in at 401 S. Rogers or submit online when you are finished with meter to discontinue the billing. Please call and confirm form was received. The $2,233.00 deposit will apply to your balance once a final bill is generated and the meter has been accessed for any damages, if applicable.