FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – April 23, 2020 (Waxahachie, Texas) The Waxahachie City Council has approved (5-0) a program that will provide some financial relief to citizens in the coming months. This program, which will aid residents, comes one week after City Council approved (4-1) another program that provides financial assistance to local small businesses in these unprecedented times.

            The residential program provides relief to residents in two ways. First, most of our Waxahachie citizens are also conscientious water bill payers each month.  For those that are, the City will refund their water deposit funds and not require such a deposit to remain on file with the City.  For most, this will equate to a check back to them in the amount of $90. Second, a residential trash service monthly charge is $15.32 (including tax).  This program also includes a three month relief plan that would reduce each residential trash service fee to $.01.  This equates to a $45.89 benefit to our 10,887 residential water customers. Together, these breaks could equal up to over $135 in savings over the next three months.

            “We are experiencing something that we’ve never been through, and many of our residents are feeling the economic effects. We put a plan in place to help our local small businesses, and wanted to also extend the same gesture to our residents,” said Mayor David Hill.

In addition to these two programs, the City has already enacted residential relief efforts related to waiving late payment fees and suspending water disconnections for non-payment.  These programs would continue as well.

            “While not a tremendous amount of money, we believe this shows the City’s desire to not only help our small businesses, but our citizens directly. Every dollar counts, especially in times like these,” said City Manager Michael Scott. “Mayor Hill and our Council continue to make taking care of our community a priority, and these actions will help Waxahachie get through this time,” said Scott. 

            For more information on the news release, please email or call 469-309-4012.