The City of Waxahachie has issued an updated Disaster Declaration Order in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. This declaration is effective immediately.

This measure essentially extends the initial Order (Issued March 16, 2020) that gives the City of Waxahachie powers to enact certain protective emergency measures that will help to ensure the continued safety and health of our community. The act also allows the City to access reimbursement funding in the event expenses are incurred as a result of COVID-19.

With this Declaration, all previous Mayoral Disaster Declarations are repealed, and incorporates the provisions of any Executive Order or similar directive issued by the President of the United States, Governor of Texas, or County Judge and/or Commisioners Court of Ellis County. Specifically, this order incorporates Governor Abbott’s order GA-18 related to the expanded and systematic plan to reopen Texas. This order also aligns the City with the timelines of any declarations issued by the Governor.

“Issuing this Declaration was necessary to put the City of Waxahachie fully in line with the Governor of Texas as we begin to re-open our state. Additionally, having this order in place will allow the city to continue to access reimbursement funding for COVID-19 related expenses,” said Michael Scott, City Manager.

The City and its staff will continue working daily with state and local health officials and authorities to ensure that the latest information and preventative procedures are enacted for the safety of our community. Updates will be provided as they are available on the City website at, as well as the City’s social media accounts.

For more information or questions regarding this news release, please call 469-285-6895 or email

Extended Disaster Declaration Order May 4, 2020