The City of Waxahachie public water system, (PWS) ID 0700008, will temporarily convert the disinfectant used in the distribution system from chloramine to free chlorine. The conversion will be for a four-week period and will begin on Thursday, October 1, 2020 and continue through Saturday, October 31, 2020.During this period, you may experience taste and odor changes associated with this type of temporary disinfectant conversion. This proactive program is required to remove material buildup within the distribution system after prolonged use of alternative disinfectant methods.

Public water systems are required to properly disinfect their water and maintain an adequate disinfectant residual in the distribution system. Chloramine, free chlorine combined with ammonia, is widely used as a disinfectant because it persists for long periods while also limiting the formation of disinfection by-product contaminants. Prolonged use of chloramine coupled with other factors that can impact water quality, such as high temperatures or stagnation of water, may result in the growth and/or persistence of organic matter within the pipes of the distribution system, which may hinder the ability to maintain an adequate disinfectant residual. This temporary conversion to free chlorine, partnered with flushing activities, helps to rid distribution pipes of this organic matter and improve the quality of your water overall.

This program will not affect the water quality in any regards to its use, however, customers who undergo kidney dialysis should consult with your physician prior to treatment during this period, and aquatic pet owners should take appropriate safeguards to protect those pets during this timeframe.

For questions regarding this program, citizens may contact Brandon Lacy, Water Production Superintendent at (469) 309-4361, e-mail at blacy@waxahachie.com or Rita Munoz, Administrative Secretary at (469) 309-4320, email at rmunoz@waxahachie.com.