UPCOMING CONSTRUCTION – 2015 Water  Distribution System Improvements Part 2 and the 2015 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation

Starting TUESDAY JANUARY 19th, A & M Construction and Utilities Inc., will begin construction on the 2015 Water Distribution System Improvements –Part 2 and 2015 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation project. 

This project is scheduled to make improvements to water lines and sanitary sewer lines along various sections in E. Marvin Avenue from Peters St. to Hackberry St., Ennis Street from E. Marvin Ave to Union Pacific Railroad; Elder Street from E. Marvin Ave to Cleaver Rd. and Cleaver Road from Ennis St. to Elder St. and parts of Lake Park Avenue. There will also be asphalt road improvements on Ennis Street and Elder Street. Please avoid the area and use alternate routes.

Please contact the Public Works & Engineering department at 469-309-4300 or email publicworks@waxahachie.com with any questions or concerns.