Dog Licenses Within Waxahachie

Dog Licenses Within Waxahachie
As there are several Waxahachie citizens asking about City Dog Licenses, here is a copy of the current ordinance. Other than making minor updates, it has been a part of our ordinances since 1924.
Dog license: A legally granted privilege, upon compliance with the terms of this chapter, to own, keep, harbor, or have custody or control of a dog within the city limits.
Dog tag: A metal tag authorized by the city for attachment to a dog collar which displays a serial number corresponding to the number of dog license for such animal, and which shows the year the license was issued by the city.
Vaccinated animal: Unless otherwise indicated, an animal vaccinated against rabies within the past twelve (12) months by a licensed veterinarian.
Sec. 6-19. - License—required for dogs.
Every person owning, possessing, keeping, or harboring a dog of the age of three (3) months or more within this city shall obtain a license therefore.
Sec. 6-21. - Same—Vaccination certificate.
No license shall be issued under the provisions of this article unless a current certificate of vaccination for rabies, signed by a licensed veterinarian certifying that the dog to be licensed has been immunized.
Sec. 6-81. - Fee for license.
The applicant for a license required by this division shall pay to the city health department the sum of three dollars ($3.00) as a license fee for each dog.
If you have any questions you may contact the Waxahachie Animal Services at 469-309-4150