Temporary Change of Drinking Water Disinfectant

Temporary Change of Drinking Water Disinfectant

The City of Waxahachie water customers may notice a change in the taste of their drinking water for the next few weeks. The city is temporarily converting to the use of free chlorine disinfectant to disinfect the drinking water. This change will be effective for an approximate four-week period.

At the end of the four weeks the city will convert back to a chloramines disinfectant and the utility crews will be flushing fire hydrants to remove any excess buildup of materials.

This proactive program is required to remove material buildup within the distribution system after prolonged use of alternative disinfectant methods. The conversion to free chlorine will take place on October 1. The city will switch back to a chloramines disinfectant on October 30.

During this temporary conversion, citizens may detect a slight chlorine odor. This program will not affect the water quality in any regards to its use, however, customers who undergo kidney dialysis should consult with your physician prior to treatment during this period, and aquatic pet owners should take appropriate safeguards to protect those pets during this timeframe.

For questions regarding this program, citizens may contact Brandon Lacy, Water Treatment Superintendent at 469-309-4361, e-mail at blacy@waxahachie.com or Rita Munoz, Administrative Secretary at (469) 309-4320, rmunoz@waxahachie.com.