WFR Education Program Overview  
As with most things in life, it is best to prevent a problem before it occurs. This is especially true when it comes to fire and life safety. It is the goal of Waxahachie Fire-Rescue to help the citizens, businesses and visitors of Waxahachie understand the steps they can take to improve their overall safety as it relates to fire and medical concerns. In order to educate the public, we offer a wide variety of programs:
  1. You can review several pieces of helpful information on this website (see the Fire Safety Info tab) 
  2. Fire Related Educational Programs
    • Fire Station Visits
    • Fire Apparatus Participation- if you are planning an event of some kind, you can request the presence of a WFR Fire Company. The engine or truck company will come to your location to provide an inside look of the apparatus as well as information as to our services and capabilities.   
  3. Emergency Medical Services- provides insight into the first responder services delivered by WFR in conjunction with the private ambulance contractor of the City as well as steps you can take to ensure a safer and healthier life for you and your family.  
  4. Fire Extinguisher Training- businesses and other organizations can receive training in regards to when to use a fire extinguisher as well as how to properly utilize it.  
  5. Smoke Detector Program (see the corresponding tab for information) 
We hope you will consider taking advantage of any or all of these worthwhile programs. To schedule a tour or a live program, please  call 469-309-4200 and we will be glad to accommodate your needs.