Hiring Process

Hiring Process
The following is a brief description of the steps of the hiring process for an entry position with Waxahachie Fire-Rescue:

Written Entrance Exam:
The written entrance exam is a Civil Service Exam consisting of 90 multiple choice questions.  Applicants are given 2 hours and 30 minutes to complete the exam.  In order to be considered for the remainder of the hiring process, applicants must make a minimum score of 70%.  Official test scores and placement order of the applicants shall be posted following the exam at City Hall (401 S. Rogers Street).
Physical Ability Test (PAT):
A limited number of those passing the written exam shall be notified of the date and time to report to the Fire Training Field (211 Lions Park Road) to take the PAT.  There are 2 portions to the PAT.  The first portion is a pass/fail test with 3 minutes being the maximum time allowed for completion.  The second portion is a pass/fail test with 6 minutes being the maximum time allowed for completion.  For a complete description, see the tab titled “Physical Ability Test”.
Background Check:
Prior to the Oral Interview, candidates must submit their Personal History Application Packet to Kendra Worthy by emailing them to kworthy@waxahachiefire.org, by mail or by hand delivery to 407 Water Street, Waxahachie, TX  75165.  Additionally, the Fire Marshal shall conduct a check of the candidate’s criminal and driving records prior to the Oral Interview.
Step One Survey:
Applicants who pass the PAT will be notified of the date and time they are to report to take a Step One Survey.  This pre-employment test is used primarily as a screening tool to examine work-related values including employment history, integrity, personal reliability, and work ethics.  The results of this survey may be used during the Oral Interview.

Oral Interview:
Candidates who are still in consideration shall be notified of the date and time to report to Fire Administration for an Oral Interview.  The Oral Interview shall be conducted by a panel consisting of 1 member from each rank of the department (7 total interviewers).
Medical Physical and Drug/Alcohol Screening:
Candidates who pass the Oral Interview must pass a Medical Physical and a Drug/Alcohol Screening prior to being hired by the department.  These tests shall be given by the provider with a current contract with the City to perform such tests at no cost to the candidate.