Global High Project

Global High Project

In late 2008, city officials met with the administration at Waxahachie’s Global High School to discuss the possibilities of holding a contest among Global High’s technology students. Global High is one of 38 STEM Academies across the state of Texas, 11 of which have been in existence the same length of time as Global. These schools are the response to a new academic emphasis, not only in Texas, but across the United States, to encourage high school students to pursue science, technology, engineering and mathematics throughout high school and into their college, university and post-graduate studies. The mission at Waxahachie Global High is to provide academic challenge and rigor to the students by helping them develop problem-solving strategies in situations that are as “real world” possible.

This mission seemed to fit the idea of a contest for redesigning the City’s new Web site, so in the spring of 2009, the students began work on their entries in ten groups of four students each. Both parties agreed that holding this contest had benefits for each. The students would gain valuable, real-world experience, and also be allowed and encouraged to use their entries in the future for portfolios or college applications. The city would receive a new Web site design, and at very little cost to the taxpayers.

 In April 2009, the groups unveiled their completed designs in a formal presentation to city leaders. City management reviewed the entries, and two winners were chosen. The winning teams were treated to a special recognition lunch by Mayor Ron Wilkinson and City Manager Paul Stevens.

In May 2009, Studio M Design, a local web and graphic firm, began work on combining elements of the two winning designs to come up with the final page. After several weeks of work, the complete site was launched.

The City of Waxahachie would like to thank the students, faculty and administration at Global High and WISD, and Studio M Design for their participation in this unique project.


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