Comprehensive Plan

The City of Waxahachie (the City) first drafted a single document Comprehensive Plan in 1973. The plan was subsequently updated in 1983, 1995, 2007, and 2016. The Comprehensive Plan is the City’s blueprint for the long-range development of the community and provides both a framework and the policy context within which to make decisions relating to land use and future development.
The 2016 Comprehensive Plan Addendum updates and adds new chapters to the 2007 Comprehensive Plan, including the Future Land Use Plan and Transportation Plan, and all the maps, which are intended to be used as a guide and adopted by City Council as public policy. The 2016 Addendum together with the non-updated sections of the 2007 Comp Plan are intended to constitute the complete Comprehensive Plan of the City, for all matters relating to long-range guidance relative to zoning decisions, land subdivision, thoroughfare construction, park and recreation planning, and growth managment.

2016 Comprehensive Plan Addendum

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2007 Comprehensive Plan

The 2007 Comprehensive Plan is available by clicking on the links below:

Table of Contents

Chapter One - Baseline Analysis

Surrounding Cities Map

Housing Conditions Map

Existing Land Use Map

Chapter Two - Goals and Objectives

Chapter Three - Livability

Chapter Four - Transportation

Chapter Five - Land Use Map

Chapter Six - Downtown;

Downtown Map

Chapter Seven - Housing

Housing Strategies Map

Chapter Eight - Community Facilities

Community Facilities Map

Fire Station Map

Chapter Nine - Parks

Chapter Ten - Implementation Plan

Calendar of Events

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