Comprehensive Plan

2016 Comprehensive Plan Draft
The City of Waxahachie updating its Comprehensive Plan (Comp Plan), which is the City’s blueprint for the long-range development of the community. The Comp Plan provides both a framework and the policy context within which to make decisions relating to land use and future development. The plan itself, however, is general in nature and does not call for specific action or encourage any particular legislative strategy.
Once the draft Comp Plan is reviewed, discussed, and adopted, this document will be used to coordinate and guide the establishment of development regulations. As an example, per State law, zoning regulations must be adopted in accordance with a Comp Plan and the City’s Zoning Ordinance will be reviewed subsequent to the adoption of this plan.
The first step was to prepare the 2016 Draft Comp Plan Addendum. The draft plan is posted on this webpage for public review. In order to ensure the plan captures the long-range vision of the community, the City seeks your input on the drafted document. Please open each chapter for review and email your comments to the Director of Planning and Zoning at
Comments are accepted until July 5, 2016. Once the online comment period closes, the Comp Plan will be scheduled for a Public Hearing before the Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) on July 26, 2016. A subsequent hearing will be scheduled with City Council. Please note citizen comments can also be provided during the public hearings.

Addendum Executive Summary
Chapter 1 - Community Snapshot
Chapter 2 - Vision and Goals
Chapter 3 - Future Land Use Plan
Chapter 4 - Transportation Plan
Chapter 5 - Design Strategies for Transportation Corridors
Chapter 6 - Growth Stratgies
Chapter 7 - Implemetation Plan

2007 Comprehensive Plan
The 2007 Comprehensive Plan contains extensive research, including demographics, housing information and land use characteristics. Also included are long-range goals for the city, and specific plans for areas including neighborhoods, transportation, land use, downtown strategies, housing and community strategies. Each of these specific areas are covered in the Comprehensive plan extensively and can be referenced by clicking on the links below:

Table of Contents
Chapter One - Baseline Analysis
Surrounding Cities Map
Housing Conditions Map 
Existing Land Use Map 
Chapter Two - Goals and Objectives
Chapter Three - Livability
Chapter Four - Transporation
Chapter Five - Land Use Map
Chapter Six  - Downtown 
Downtown Map
Chapter Seven - Housing
Housing Strategies Map
Chapter Eight - Community Facilities
Community Facilities Map
Fire Station Map
Chapter Nine - Parks
Chapter Ten - Implementation Plan

Community Profile
The current population of Waxahachie is just over 31,000 residents. The last census figures, in 2010, stated that the population at that time was approximately 29,621.  The city works in conjunction with the U.S. Census Bureau and the North Central Texas Council of Governments to provide the population estimates during non-census years.

The total estimated population as of June 2014: 32,287
Community Information
Community Profile

For more information, visit:
North Texas Council of Governments
U.S. Census Bureau

Please Contact the Planning Department For More Information:
Phone: (469) 309-4290


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