Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan

The 2007 Comprehensive Plan contains extensive research, including demographics, housing information and land use characteristics. Also included are long-range goals for the city, and specific plans for areas including neighborhoods, transportation, land use, downtown strategies, housing and community strategies. Each of these specific areas are covered in the Comprehensive plan extensively and can be referenced by clicking on the links below.

2007 Comprehensive Plan

• Table of Contents (Click here)

• Chapter One - Baseline Analysis (Click here)

• Surrounding Cities Map (Click here)

• Housing Conditions Map (Click here)

• Existing Land Use Map (Click here)

• Chapter Two - Goals and Objectives (Click here)

• Chapter Three - Livability (Click here)

• Chapter Four - Transportation (Click here)

• Chapter Five - Land Use Map (Click here)

• Chapter Six - Downtown (Click here)

• Downtown Map (Click here)

• Chapter Seven - Housing (Click here)

• Housing Strategies Map (Click here)

• Chapter Eight - Community Facilities (Click here)

• Community Facilities Map (Click here)

• Fire Station Map (Click here)

• Chapter Nine - Parks Plan (Click here)

• Chapter Ten - Implementation Plan (Click here)

• Thoroughfare Map (Click here)


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