Building Inspection

The Building Inspection Division of the Building & Community Services Department is committed to providing outstanding service by ensuring commercial buildings and residential homes constructed, altered or maintained in the City of Waxahachie meet the recognized standard for overall quality of life and building safety through a cooperative effort with our citizens.

To check the status of your permit (until October 7):

Main (469)309-4020 


The City of Waxahachie is working to transition to a new Life Cycle Management and Electronic Plan Review System for builders, developers and contractors. The new software system will enhance the customer experience for submitting plans and obtaining permits. Some of the key features of the new software will include the ability to:

• Submit Applications and Payments Electronically
• Schedule Inspections Online
• Track the Status of Permits in Real Time
• Submit Plans and Receive Comments Electronically

October 7, 2019 is the scheduled soft “Go Live” date for the new software system. Over the next week staff will be sending out critical information concerning this transition to its customers via email, as well as through the City’s website and social media pages. This information will be critical to a seamless transition to the new software. The first portion of information concerning this transition is below.

For any permit issued in the new software system, there will be a new phone number for the City’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System for scheduling inspection. The new IVR phone number will be (855)–636-0069. However, for any permit issued before the October 7th Go Live date please be sure to continue to utilize the City’s existing IVR number to schedule your inspections.

In addition, effective October 7th the City’s existing online inspection scheduling portal will no longer be active. While the City’s new software is going to a soft go live on October 7th, the web portal for the new software, which will include the ability to apply for permits online, submit plans, schedule inspections, and remit payment will not be operational until early November. As a result, all inspections must be scheduled through the IVR system(s) until that time. Attached to this message, please see the End User Guide for the utilizing the new IVR system.

In the coming weeks staff will provide you with additional information on how to register in and utilize the online features of the new system. We appreciate the partnership the City has with its customers and we also appreciate your patience as we work to implement a new software that will make your interaction with the City even better. For any questions or concerns about the information provided or this transition, please do not hesitate to contact the Building and Community Services Department at 469-309-4020.


Have a permit that has been created and that inspections can be requested.

Call the IVR Number (855) 636-0069, No Pin Required

Press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish (I used 1 for English)

Enter the IVR Pin number from the permit

Verify Permit number, press 1 correct, press 2 not correct

The IVR system will then go through the menu that you can do.

Press 3 to request an inspection

Please note: If any fees exist on a permit that have NOT been paid you will not be able to request an inspection.

The system will list the inspections chat can be Requested.

Enter in the number for the inspection that you want to request (for example 105 for Foundation)

Dates are then presented, please select the date you want to request the inspection

Press 1 for morning, Press 2 for afternoon

The IVR system then tells you the requested inspection and when it is requested and if it is in the morning or the afternoon.

Example: Foundation Sept 11, morning

If this is incorrect, press 1 for Yes, Press 2 for No

Enter a call back phone number:

This number is used for the inspector to call the individual if the inspector has any questions.  Inspectors may also contact by email.

Press 1 for yes, or Press 2 for No

Leave a message for the Inspector, press 1 if not then Press 2

The IVR system then provides you with the inspection number for the inspection that was requested.