New Waste Disposal

Waste Connections

Beginning April 1st, Waste Connections is happy to announce the continued partnership with the City of Waxahachie as your solid waste service provider. 


Phone: 972-289-6714
Fax: 972-289-6723


In March, Waste Connections will begin deploying two (2) containers for residents to use with their services, one (1) blue container for recycling and (1) green container for trash. 
Beginning April 1st, you will have once a week trash collection, and twice a month recycling on either the first and third week or the second and fourth week of the month. After April 1, the 18 gallon recycle containers will not be serviced and should be placed at curbside to be removed on your designated trash day.

Observed holidays are New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. If your service day is on one the above days, your service will run one day behind. For example, if the holiday falls on Friday and your trash day is on Friday you will be serviced on  Saturday that week.

Residents will be contacted individually to receive their new weekly pick-up date.


- Trash and recycling containers must be out by 6:45am on the day of service and no earlier than 7:00pm the day before the scheduled service day.

- Containers must be at least three (3) feet away from each other or any objects/ obstacles such as a mailbox or poles. Place the container within three (3) feet of the curb with the wheels facing your home.

- Recyclables must be placed loose inside the blue recycle cart each service day.

- In the event that you are physically unable to place the containers out at curbside on the day of service and require accommodations, please contact our office at 972-289-6714 to have this set up.

- Should you have an unusual accumulation of trash that will not fit inside your container, you may inquire about purchasing a Pink Tag so this trash may be placed outside of the container; please contact our office at 972-289-6714 or the City Utility Billing Department at 469-309-4170 for more information.

- With these increased services, the standard customer rate will decrease from $15.30 per month to $12.37 per month. While service changes go into effect April 1st, the City bills in arrears so changes may not reflect on your bill until your June statement.



Waxahachie Waste Connections 2021 Brochure


Waste Connections will service up to three (3) cubic yards curbside once a week on your scheduled trash day. Bulk items might include; furniture or items too large for a bag that can easily be lifted by two people. Items that are not provided with a bulk service would include; remodeling and construction debris. Brush items include tree and shrub trimmings not to exceed 40 pounds, 4' in length and 4" in diameter.


Hazardous Household Waste services will occur each week on Thursday. Items might include outdoor/indoor insecticides, fertilizers, oils, paints, chemicals, small batteries, vehicle batteries, and light bulbs. Residents must call 972-440-2040 or schedule online at Curbside pick-up must be scheduled no later than 8:00pm on the Tuesday prior to the Thursday pick-up.