Construction Activities and Grading

Construction Activities
Prior to any construction activities within the city, contact the Planning Department at 469-309-4290 to ensure the proper zoning and the property is plated. 

Prior to any grading, tree clearing, or soil disturbance, contact the City Engineer at 469-309-4293.   

Grading, tree clearing, or soil disturbance increases the potential of erosion, polluting the storm water and depositing silt within our storm water pipes, creeks and drinking water sources.  

Per City Ordinance Chapter 33 Article XII Division 3 - Erosion Control, following are required prior to grading, tree clearing, or soil disturbance:
Soil Disturbance 1 acre or more:
1.  Grading Plan
2.  Erosion control plan
3.  For site disturbance of 5 acres or more, submit the Notice of Intent to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)
4.  Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SW3P)
5.  Posted Construction Sign with the operators contact information and location of the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan
6.  Erosion Control Measures are installed and inspected by the Public Works Inspector
7.  Submit the Grading Form to  City Engineer and Public Works Inspector
8.  Cannot begin grading until the Public Works Director provides a letter of authorization to begin grading.  
9.  Inspections of the Erosion Control Measures are required at the frequency specified in the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan

Soil Disturbance less than 1 acre:
1.  Per City Ordinance building permits requires an erosion control plan
2.  The City of Waxahachie does not regulate grading that does not require building permit and issues that arise are considered a civil matter.  Please be considerate to adjacent properties by installing erosion control measures to minimize the silted water from leaving your property.  

Lot-to-lot Drainage and Lot Grading
A drainage problem within your lot or water running from lot-to-lot is considered to be a civil matter and is not regulated by the City of Waxahachie. Contact an engineer or landscape professional to assist you in solving these matters.