Substantial Improvement Requirements

Substantial Improvement – The NFIP requires that if the cost of any reconstruction, rehabilitation, addition or other improvement to a structure exceeds 50 percent of the market value of the structure before the start of the construction, the improvements must conform to or meet the same construction requirements as a new building and satisfy minimum finish floor requirements specified in the Floodplain Provisions Ordinance.

Substantial Damage – Substantial damage means damage of any origin sustained by a building or structure when the cost of restoring the building to its pre-damaged condition would equal or exceed 50 percent of the market value of the building before the damage occurred. Substantial damage is determined regardless of the actual repair work performed.

The City of Waxahachie requires by ordinance that any substantial improvement or substantial damage improvement must have a building permit. Building permits can be obtained at the Building Department located at City Hall or by calling 469-309-4020.