Development Process

The first step in the development process is for the applicant to determine which forms, procedures, schedules, and requirements are necessary for their project.  Each applicant is encouraged to contact the Planning Department for guidance on the development process.  To schedule a pre-application meeting, please click HERE.

Please refer to the department's Development Review Calendars to view application filing dates and meeting dates.  Application packets can only be submitted on filing dates and are accepted from 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.  Packets will not be accepted unless all required documentation and fees are provided.  


Application Packets:
Replat Packet
Plat Packet (AKA Prelim/Final Combo)
Final Plat Packet

Zoning Change Packet
Planned Development Packet
Specific Use Permit Packet
Specific Use Permit Packet (Residential Solar)
Site Plan Packet

Zoning Ordinance
Use Charts
Infill Overlay District
Subdivision Ordinance (NEW! Adopted 10-21-19)
Fee Schedule

Plat Applicants - Be Advised:

For plats to be recorded after September 1, 2019:

If the taxes for 2019 have not been calculated, you will need to obtain a 2018 Tax Certificate and also obtain a statement from the Ellis County Tax Office indicating that the taxes have not yet been calculated. 

 If the taxes for 2019 have been calculated, you will need to obtain a 2019 Tax Certificate.  This means taxes for 2019 will have to be paid in full prior to your plat being recorded.

This is a requirement of Chapter 12, Section 12.002 of the Property Code.  Please plan accordingly to avoid any potential delays in the recording of your plat.

Impact Fees:
Communities use impact fees to help pay for the increased capacity needed to serve new developments. These could be new roads, larger roads, or increasing the size of both water and sewer lines. This limits the use of taxpayer funds to provide all of the capacity needed to serve the developments. Impact Fees are calculated based on the anticipated burden a development will place upon the current infrastructure.

Impact Fee Service Areas Maps
Schedule 1 & 2 Collection Rates
Impact Fees Final Report
Impact Fee Calculation Summary Sheet