GIS and Mapping Services

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer system to capture, store, manipulate, analyze and display all kinds of spatial or geographical data to understand deeper insights into data, such as relationnships, patterns, and trends - helping users make smarter decisions. The Planning Department’s GIS service supports the community by providing geographic data, mapping products, and other online services.
The Planning department's GIS also assigns addresses within the City of Waxahachie Limits. It is important to use address assigned by City of Waxahachie. Any other addresses used would be considered unofficial and could result delay in emergency response time, mail deivery etc.
If your property is outside the City of Waxahachie Limits, Ellis County will issue the address. For further information, you may contact Ellis County at 972-825-5200 or email at
In order to request new address, suite numbers and/or verification of the existing address, please submit the address request form and allow 5 business days for city staff to complete the request.
Address Request Form

GIS information is available to the public through the following links and interactive applications:
Interactive Maps
Land Use Camparison Map Planning & Zoning Map Thumbnail-Eco-Dev-Map2
Land Use
Comparison Map
Planning & Zoning Map Economic Development

Thumbnail-Current Zoning Cases125 Thumbnail-City Logo Thumbnail-WFR
Current Zoning Cases
City of Waxahachie Map
Fire District Map  
Parks Map Trash Truck2  Trash Truck2 
Park Finder Map

 Garbage Pickup Map  Municipal Facilities Map
Neighborhood Services Map

Printable Maps 
CityLimit&ETJ ZoningMap EXLU
City Limit & ETJ Map Zoning Map Existing Land Use Map
FLUP Thoroughfare WISD
Future Land Use Map Thoroughfare Plan Map WISD Map
CCNMap FireDistricMap(Thumb) Thumbnail-TXDOT-Roadway-Traffic-Count-Map-125
CCN Map Fire District Map TXDOT Roadway Traffic Count Map