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News Update:
Recently, posts have surfaced on social media from company called “Test My Water”. This company makes erroneous claims regarding municipal water quality all over the United States – including Waxahachie. The facts are that we indeed pride ourselves on providing a very high quality of water to our residents, and that our drinking water meets, and in many cases, exceeds all Federal (EPA) drinking water requirements. It is important to note that ALL drinking water, including bottled water, may contain trace levels of contaminants, and that the presence of these do not necessarily indicate that the water poses any health risk. We also provide an annual Consumer Confidence Report that is mailed to each household every year, and available on the City website below (including previous years). Again, we take great pride in the high quality of water supplied to our residents, and are happy to answer any questions at 469-309-4320.

Waxahachie Water Quality Reports: