Target Industries

Target Industries

Waxahachie’s target industry sectors represent a combination of traditional (manufacturing and logistics) and non-traditional (healthcare and higher education) sectors. These sectors capitalize on existing and emerging assets in Waxahachie and the DFW Metroplex. Waxahachie’s assets include:  
•Skilled and semi-skilled labor force
•Access to markets and customers
•Competitive tax environment
•Quality utilities  infrastructure that is affordable and reliable
•Quality interstate and highway infrastructure
•Airport accessibility & flight options
•Dual rail infrastructure
•Availability of large and midsize greenfield sites

This sector includes hospital-related activities, physician offices, senior care centers, and health insurance. With the relocation and expansion of Baylor Regional Hospital, Waxahachie is seeking complementary business and activities to locate on or near the new site. Opportunities also exist at the existing hospital facility and surrounding area.  

Medical Devices & Supplies
The primary components of this sector include medical devices (companies that develop, manufacture, and market medical apparatus, equipment, instruments, devices and supplies) and research. Waxahachie’s proximity to the DFW Metroplex and its labor pool combined with the state’s incentives makes it an excellent location to provide products and service to the medical industry in the region and state.

Professional & Technical Services
These operations provide administrative or technical services to the broader local economy. This might be legal or computer services or a wide range of other activities such as accounting or engineering. Waxahachie’s relaxed quality of life provides the perfect environment for small to medium sized firms that still need close proximity to the Metroplex and their customer base.

Business, Financial, & Data Services
This target sector includes shared service centers, corporate and technical services, data storage and processing, as well as more basic business support services, such as contract telephone call center operations. This sector also includes firms that provide data management and support services to companies, hospitals, governments, and individuals.    Competitive utility rates and water infrastructure, and, cost effective greenfield sites are just some of the reasons Waxahachie makes a great location for this business sector.