Development Review Committee

Development Review Committee
What is the DRC?
The term "DRC" stands for the "Development Review Committee" of the City of Waxahachie. The purpose of the DRC is to assist citizens and developers with their developments and to advise them on City policies and regulations.  The DRC consists of representatives from the following departments:
  • City Management
  • Public Works (streets)
  • Building Official (permits and inspections)
  • Fire Marshal
  • Economic Development
  • Planning and Zoning
  • Utilities (water and sewer)
  • City Engineer
  • Emergency Management
  • Downtown Redevelopment & Historic Preservation Manager
Who should meet with the DRC?
 Developers, architects, construction contractors, property owners and others who are involved in the preparation of a plat, construction plans, etc., for a development project in the City of Waxahachie.  The DRC can assist you with:
  • Processing of subdivisions, residential, and commercial projects
  • Platting questions/requirements
  • Zoning questions
  • Utility availability
  • Right-of-way and dedication requirements
  • Drainage questions/requirements
  • Building code and compliance
  • Fire code and compliance
Why meet with the DRC?
A meeting with the DRC is not a mandatory requirement of the permit application process. It is, however, strongly recommended for the following benefits:
  • An opportunity to consult with staff while considering a development.
  • An enhanced understanding of the City's regulations and review process.
  • Avoids unnecessary expenses and loss of valuable time by identification of potential problems during the concept stage.
  • Allows a chance to review plans with staff for advice on City policies and regulations prior to completing final designs on a development.
  • Coordinates the review efforts of several municipal departments in a single meeting that otherwise would have taken more time.
  • Provides a chance for the exploration of alternatives to problems discovered during the review process.  
How to schedule a DRC meeting:
The DRC meets virtually every Wednesday morning at the Charles Beatty Municipal Services Building, located at 408 S. Rogers Street.  To request a meeting with the DRC, complete the DRC Meeting Request Form.  Staff will e-mail you to confirm your meeting date/time.

Rules of the DRC Meeting:
  1. Due to the number of key staff personnel who must coordinate their time for a DRC meeting, deviations from the appointment or meeting schedule described above will be extremely difficult. For persons who cannot meet with the DRC during its pre-determined schedule, individual members of the DRC are available for consultation during regular office hours.
  2. A development that has already been reviewed two times by the DRC will not be scheduled for a third appointment, unless conditions have changed substantially to warrant another meeting.
  3. The comments provided by Staff at DRC meetings are informational only and DO NOT confer approval of any plan or project.  Additional comments related to your project will be provided upon review of a formal development application.  A meeting with the DRC is not intended as a substitute for reading and applying the appropriate City development codes and ordinances to your project.