Smart Meter Project

EyeOnWater Smart Meters

In early 2022, the City of Waxahachie began a water meter replacement project to install residential and commercial water meters with an automatic (smart) meter reading system. Water meters are used to measure the amount of water delivered to our customers. Replacing old water meters with new smart meters will ensure the City can accurately track water usage while reducing maintenance work. Meter installation was completed late 2022.

The following link includes an interactive map with the installation schedule:

The project will also includes an online Customer Portal to help customers gain deeper insight into how and when they use water. 

Smart Water Meter Benefits:

  • Accurate and efficient meter reading and water billing
  • Proactively conserve water
  • Identify continuous usage
  • Set up custom alerts

We look forward to offering this exciting technology to our residents. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does the project start and end?

 The project is scheduled to begin in early 2022 and be completed by the end of 2022.Q:

Q: Do I need to be home for the meter replacement work?

No, the contractor will be replacing your meter and meter box which is located outside of your home. Q:

Q: How much will the meter cost me?

There is no charge for the new meter.

Q: Will my water bill increase?

As meters age, they tend to run slower and may not measure the water going through them.  Depending on the age and accuracy of your existing meter or undetected leaks in your plumbing, you may experience a higher bill due to the accuracy of your new meter.  The new meter will simply record consumption more accurately.

Q: Will my water service be interrupted during installation?

Yes, there will be a temporary service interruption while the meter is replaced, but typically less than 30 minutes.  A project representative will notify each resident prior to the installation of the new meter.

Q: Who will install the new meters?

The new meters will be installed by Pedal Valves Inc.  They are working on behalf of the City of Waxahachie and Performance Services.  Work crews will wear identification badges and carry a letter from the City of Waxahachie explaining why they are in the neighborhood.

Q: I like my current meter, can I opt out of having my meter replaced with a smart meter?

No, this project is replacing all meters City-wide.

Q: If I have two meters (domestic and sprinkler meter), will both of them be replaced.

Yes, all meters will be replaced as part of this project. 

Q: Will this project effect my trash collection service?

No, this project should not interfere with the City’s trash collection service. 

Q: What happens if the contractor damages my lawn?

The contractor should only be replacing the meter and meter box.  Your lawn should not be effected; however, in the event any grass or landscape has to be removed during installation the contractor will replace it. 

Q: If my water service is turned off when the contractor arrives, will they turn my water back on after they complete the work?

No.  If your water service is turned off when they arrive, the contractor will leave it as they found it and not turn the water on. 

Q: I noticed that my meter box was locked after installation.  Is that normal?
Yes, meter boxes are always locked and should only be accessed by City personnel.  This prevents tampering and possible damage to the meter.  This was in place prior to the smart meter project.  In the event a customer tampers with a meter and damages it, the customer will be responsible for the replacement cost of the meter.   

Q: Where can I get additional information or updates on this project?

Additional information can be found on the City’s website.  The information is located on the Utilities Department page:

Q: Is the schedule subject to change?

Yes, the schedule is subject to change, but progress can be tracked on the website

Q: Is there an app. I can use to track my water usage?

Yes, residents can download the Eye On Water App to review and analyze your usage patterns and manage water use.  This will allow you to gain greater control and understand the amount of water you use. The Eye On Water provides easy to understand graphs, usage trends, and alerts to customers through email, text messages, or smart devices.

To access the app. visit or scan the QR code below to create your online account.  Then take the following steps:

  • Enter your service or billing ZIP/postal code and your account number (please make sure to include all dashes)
  • Enter your name and email address. Confirm the address, and then create and confirm a password.  Passwords must be 8 to 16 characters long.
  • Check your email for the verification message that has just been sent.
  • Click on the link in the email to verify your email address:
  • After clicking the link in your email, enter your email address and password to sign in.
  • Once you’re logged in you’ll be able to view your water consumption and even set a leak alert.
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