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Waxahachie Sports Complex

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Our Story:
One-Hundred acres of beautifully maintained Celebration grass and state of the art amenities comprise our Sports Complex. Venues for soccer, softball, baseball and football are available for the youth and adults of our area to enjoy. The complex, which is located along highway 287, also plays host to numerous local, area and state tournaments for a number of different sports. Everyone is encouraged to participate and to come out and cheer on his or her favorite teams.

Our Mission Statement:

Our Staff:
Takes pride in our venue……
James Villarreal is extremely knowledgeable in his field. He has twenty years of experience in sporting event facilitation and management. Since he assumed the duties as Recreation Superintendent in March 2000, he has hosted many National and a State tournament as well as facilitated many leagues. The sports complex is maintained by 6 fulltime employees and 1 seasonal employee.

The 100 acre Sports Complex opened in the summer of 2001. This phase of the complex was constructed with funds from sales tax at a total cost of $2 million dollars.

Phase I of this project includes the following:
3 lighted soccer fields      
10 unlighted soccer fields
6 lighted softball fields
1 adult size lighted baseball field
1 lighted football field
1 unlighted football field
1 playground
2 concession/restrooms buildings
Grade work, developed area irrigated and hydro mulched; parking lots and drives; infrastructure (water, sewer, electrical).

Phase II includes:
Phase II construction of the sports complex began on April 9, 2009 and was completed in fall of 2010. Phase II is also being constructed with funds from sales tax revenue generated throughout the city. Total cost for Phase II is $5 million dollars.

4 lighted youth baseball fields               
2 concession/restroom buildings
2 restroom buildings
Running track around football field
2 mile hike/bike trail                                
Repave curb/gutter large parking lot
1 large soccer parking lot            
1 large baseball parking lot
Grade work, irrigation for common area as well as playing fields, hydro mulch common areas, tiff 419 turf grass for all playing fields, infrastructure (water, sewer, electrical).

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Y.M.C.A. Sports – www.ymcadallas.org/locations/waxahachie
Waxahachie Soccer Association – www.waxahachiesoccerassociation.com
Waxahachie Girl’s Fast Pitch Softball – www.wybonline.org
Red Oak Soccer Association – www.redoaksoccer.com

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