The Permitting Division of the Building and Community Services Department is responsible for records management, tracking and processing permits, and front counter customer care.

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The City has a new online portal for electronic plan review and permits. 

To enhance customer experience for submitting plans and obtaining permits some of the key features include the ability to: 

  • Submit Applications and Payments Electronically
  • Schedule Inspections Online
  • Track the Status of Permits in Real Time
  • Submit Plans and Receive Comments Electronically 

Use the Link below to access the online portal.

CSS Portal Resource Materials:
Citizen Self Service(CSS) Portal Flyer
CSS Portal FAQs

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Effective March 1st the City of Waxahachie will be adopting the 2018 International Code Council Building Codes and the 2017 National Electric Code, with local amendments.  Any building plans submitted on or after March 1st must be designed to the standards associated with these codes.  The new building and electric codes incorporate the latest technology and building materials and provide for additional provisions and options not available under the City’s currently adopted codes.

Also effective March 1st the City of Waxahachie will adopt a new Building and Community Services Fee Schedule.  This new schedule will eliminate certain fees, while reducing and increasing others, in an effort to bring the costs associated with these fees more in line with neighboring municipalities.  Through the adoption of the new schedule, the City will begin to offer combination building inspections for the first time to streamline the overall inspection process.  In addition, all construction related fees will be incorporated into a single Chapter of the City Code of Ordinances (Chapter 11) for ease of use and reference.   Attached below is a summary sheet with the City’s updated fees. 

Should you have any questions or need any additional information concerning the adoption of the building codes or the updated fee schedule, please contact the Building & Community Services Director, Jose Martinez, at or at 469-309-4038.    

Building Fee Schedule

Building Permit Forms:
Backflow Test Report
Certificate of Occupancy Application
Commercial Permit Application
Contractor Registration
Electrical Permit Application 
Code Certification Form
Mechanical Permit Application
Plumbing Permit Application
Residential Permit Application
Resubmittal Form
(Remodel) Commercial Building Permit Application
(Remodel) Residential Building Permit Application
Commercial Accessory Building Permit Application
Residential Accessory Building Permit Application
Swimming Pool Permit Application 
Miscellaneous Permit Application
Fence/Wall Permit Application
On-Site Sewer Facility Permit Application
Sign Application 
Irrigation Application
Fire Application
Demolition Application
Energy Code Certification Form

Health/ Food Establishment Applications:
Permanent Food Establishment
Mobile Food Unit
Temporary Food Establishment