Recently, we have had a few questions regarding the City’s Water Conservation Plan. This plan, also referred to as the Drought Contingency Plan, was adopted in 2019 by City Council as a proactive measure to help conserve our community’s water supply, especially in the case of severe drought. Currently, we remain at Stage 1, with the level of Lake Waxahachie hovering just above 527’ this week. We thank our citizens for doing their part and helping conserve one of our most valuable resources during these hot and dry months.

Some citizens have also asked for clarification of the Plan Levels, and what each would entail. This information is included below. We are currently at Stage 1, although that status could change if levels continue to drop.

Stage 1: No formal restrictions, however citizens are encouraged to refrain from outdoor watering between 10am to 6pm, the hottest hours of the day.
Stage 2: Customers are encouraged to conserve water, and reduce all non-essential water use.
Stage 3: Mandatory limits on lawn and landscape watering will be enacted, and water use will be limited to certain defined days of the week.
Stage 4: Mandatory water restrictions will be strengthened to Saturday only from 4am to 10am.
Stage 5: Mandatory water restrictions will be strengthened to prohibit watering of commercial lawns and landscapes.

Please note that most of these stages are unlikely, however we do have a plan in place should extreme conditions ever arise. We hope this information helps clarify our Water Conservation Plan, and we thank each of our residents for helping do their part!

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